Brutal Wars game
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BrutalWars screenshots

System requirements:
WM 2003/2005 or
WM 2005 for Smartphones or
Windows XP/2000/2003/Vista

Last version:
v1.51 on Feb 26, 2007


Brutal Wars is a game combining two genres: a war game and a turn-based strategy, a spiritual successor to classic Battle Isle. The entire delight of strategic planning, turn-based tactical battles, perfect balance now all this is in your pocket on a handheld computer with the Windows Mobile operating system!

Near future. Each day the number of terrorist attacks increases and these local problems of separate countries gradually turn into a worldwide threat. Even standing armies of the most developed countries cannot cope with constantly increasing terrorist forces. At a special meeting, world superpowers decide to create an extraordinary international committee that commands special military forces of a new generation.

Take command of the elite antiterrorist unit armed according to the last word in science and technology. The best soldiers in the world will be under your command from now on! And you have a long and difficult way ahead: from being in charge of a detachment to the commander-in-chief of the entire antiterrorist army. Think thoroughly, plan precisely, attack suddenly and hit the target! And remember fortune favors the brave!

  • 2 campaigns with 15 maps (1 campaign in demo version)
  • 7 maps for a single-player game against the computer enemy (3 maps in demo version)
  • 2 maps for a multi-player hotseat game against the computer enemy and your friends (1 map in demo version)
  • 34 different types of military units (20 in demo version)
  • Acquiring experience for your troops and taking it to the next maps
  • Various landscapes plains, mountains, rivers, seas, roads, forests, etc.
  • High-rate graphics and artificial intelligence
  • Terrific sound and music
  • Very easy control and quick training
  • Saved games can be moved between the desktop and pocket computers
  • Localization for various languages

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